Onboard Customers & Operators With 3D Intelligent Manuals

Empowering hardware creators transform their product manual, to user-centric 3D experiences, with instant customer support and insights.

Ever got annoyed by manuals ?


you bought a machine but the instructions were not clear ?


customers are complaining and the support is tedious and expensive ?


no idea how to operate a new machine in a factory and the trainings are bad ?

Well, it is not your fault, manuals need a revamp !


They are long, textual, and boring. No one reads manuals anymore.


Instructions are not clear, good luck mapping a 2D drawing to a real object.


Manuals are taken “as is”, no updates, no modifications, no questions.

Onboard makes manuals alive and engaging

Our SaaS platform enables you to

Create And Share Manuals

Easily Create 3D manuals in minutes​.
Share it instantly with users, empowering them with AI support.

Understand Your Customers

Unlock actionable insights​
Improve your product​
Give your customers a best-in-class support experience

Empower Your Operators

Assign and share manuals, track operator’s productivity ​
Retain the knowledge in your company

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